Chain Link Fence Sizes & Gauge

Chain link fence is without a doubt the most popular style of fence in the Mohave County area.  The custom looks, effectiveness, durability & price of chain link fencing are generally why home owners  (& business owners) choose chain link as their preferred choice of fence.

Chain link fence with vehicle gate & walk thru gate.


Chain link fence comes from 3 ft tall all the way up to 12 ft+ in height, the most common front yard choices are 3 1/2 ft to 4 ft tall, while most choose to go with 5 or 6 ft for the backyard.  The height of your chain link fence is a very straight forward decision you will have to make, but the gauge of your chain link is often not discussed.  After many years of chain link fence building, we choose to use 11.5 gauge for our residential customers & 9 gauge for industrial use.

Setting chain link fence post in the rock ground of Mohave County.
Setting chain link fence post in the rocky ground of Mohave County can be a challenge.

Having the right tools & experience are something we bring to the table when you decide to invest in a quality chain link fence.  Chain link fences (if built right) look aesthetically pleasing & last for decades.

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